A sun's ray for the week

Prayer for the bicentenary

Heavenly Father, we thank you for all things that are beautiful, good and true that our Congregation has experienced  in the past 200 years. You are the giver of all these gifts.

We beseech You: continue to support our commitment in doing, always and everywhere Your will.

Jesus, our brother, thank you for placing in the heart of our beloved Founder Don Giovanni Battista Rubino, during his long hours of prayer, the desire to give rise to a Religious Family that could respond to the needs of the time.

We beseech You: increase our faith, hope and love, that as Oblate sisters of Saint Aloysius Gonzaga, we place nothing or anyone before You, everything may always be for the Glory of the Father and the good of our fellow man.

Holy Spirit, light, wisdom, joy and courage; help us to proceed with fidelity along the pathway that according to our Charism, the Lord Jesus has set before us.

We beseech You: help us to make our service a gift of total surrender, despite our fragility and limitations.

Mother Most Pure, we entrust ourselves and our Religious Family under the mantle of your maternal care;  lead us along the pathway of joy and creativity that you expressed in the mission of your glorious motherhood. AMEN

Venerable don Rubino, pray for us        St. Aloysius, pray for us

preghiera per il bicentenario