The Italian Communities.

Some take their inspiration from Nazareth

The sisters live at home like all the others, they have a job outside the house and cover the expenses with their own salary. They are in the world but not of the world.

Other communities are more inspired by Capernaum

the sisters are more involved in ministering, evangelization and catechesis.

Other communities

yet – and they are the majority – undertake the experience of suffering, in solidarity with Jesus at Jerusalem – “Oblate for and out of love.”

The communities are:


General House:
from 1938 (8 sisters)
exercises the service of Authority – service to the whole Congregation; looks after the rapport among the sisters; upholds the certainties of the faith
Youth House:
from 1955 (6 sisters)
welcomes girls and boys of primary and secondary school age; offers them lunch and in the afternoon assists them in their homework.
Rainbow community:
from 1998; animazione giovanile (3 sisters)
offers strong moments of prayer; attention and spiritual direction to youths in search of God and the meaning of life.
Monforte d’Alba:
from 1961 (2 sisters)
the sisters are at the service of the elderly at the Parish retirement home.


Transient Camp:
from 1979 (2 sisters)
the two sisters live in the camp among the Roma and Sinti to bear witness that God loves all his children without preference.
Via Spotorno
from 1976 (2 sisters)
With a group of collaborators, the sisters run “Casa Amica” (Friendly Home); a series of lodgings arranged to receive persons and families awaiting organ transplant. A unique and precious service in Turin.
San Secondo
from 1979 (2 sisters)
though on in years, the sisters provide assistance in the Parish, with offers and prayers for everyone.

Acqui Terme

San Luigi Com.
from (9 sisters)
don Rubino Com.
from (10 sisters)
2 communities of elderly and ill sisters. The personnel of a service cooperative looks after their kitchen  needs and assistance.
Sacred Heart
from 1951 (3 sisters)
Hospitality for female students and workers.
from (3 sisters + 1 under care)
The 3 sisters from India render nursing services and above all offer patience, kindness and support


La Spezia
from 1948 (4 sisters from India)
We have a fine house in the hills that has been turned into nursery school and day care centre. The songs, the joy and activities are the theme of every day. The 3 teaching sisters are supported by other excellent educators.
La Morra
from (11 sisters)
There's the “Mother House,” that is, the Foundational Home. The Chapel holds the mortal remains of the Founding Father, don Giovanni Battista Rubino. The transfer of the body, from the parish to the sisters' chapel, took place on Sunday, August the 23rd, 1953, 100 years after his death. A right and proper tribute to his humility.
The sisters are assisted in services and care by the personnel of a cooperative.