Our History...

Significant milestones in 200 years of walking

1793, september:
as a student he started the youth group of St. Louis Gonzaga, “ Luigini”.
It was approved by the Bishop Allaria in 1796 and  was spread in many parishes of  Alba Diocese
1799, march 19:
Rubino was ordained as a priest at the age of 23 and was sent with the Church”following mandate “ go to your native village and be a  real ruby for the.
1800 - 1840:
Don Rubino dedicated his life in teaching  the youth : teacher of the elementry school of latin ( qualified inthe university of Turin in 1823). After in 1826 he was appointeed as the Delegate  for the riforma of mandamento of  La Morra. He was very careful to the didatics and link with the family.
With his  brother Angelo Tommaso, visited Pope Pious V11,  prisoner of  Nepolean at Savona.  At la Morra he organized  rounds of prayer for the freedom of the Church e and Pope.
1815, ottobre 15:
Founded at  La Morra, with lot of difficulties and in secret the Congregation of the Oblate  Sisters of  St. Louis Gonzaga , “ Luigins”.
Donated totally for the glory of God and the good of people, for the peace in the Church and nation and to assist, instruct and educate the poor daughters.
They be poor, and earn their daily bread by their own work.
Their uniform, charity and the holy purity, their example and patron be St. Louis Gonzaga.

Don Rubino selected as models :
The Virgin Mary and St. Louis Gonzaga
The first sisters  and cofoundresses were:
Teresa Moscone 41 years and Maddalena Camminale 43 years

The     first “Rules” were given to the bishop of Alba, Msgr. Antonio  Nicola ( the diocese was restored after the suppression of Nepolian). The Congregation is recognized by the bishop on 26 November 1819
1826, July 30:
The Congregation gets the civil recognition from the king, Carlo Felice.
The first orphan girl is accepted: Giuseppa Oberto, di Vigevano
In  the same year the Congregation got the final approval from the bishop Costanzo Michele Fea, friend of Don Rubino.
1836, august 18:
The cofounders Sr. Teresa Moscone dies at the age of 66 at  La Morra.
The final set of rules are prepared by Don  Rubino.
The “Luigins” reach at Mortara and at Belgirate,  in the diocese of Novara.
Some sisters are sent to Alba for their study and to get their recognized certificate for teaching.
Start their mission in the municipal school at La Morra.
February 11 ; Don Giovanni Battista  Rubino dies at the age of 77 years.
1861, november 14:
the co-founderess sr. Maddalena Camminale  dies at the age of 87 years
The civil law require the reduction of the congregation to charitable society.
A group of sisters does not accept such condition and start a new community in Acqui Terme,  accepted by the bishop Giuseppe Marello ( who became a saint). The “Luigins” are in Quaranti, Castelrocchero and Maranzana.
For the “La Morra Branch” the head quartes is moved to Alba ( from 1933 Generalate).
First service at the nursing Home of via Giraudo of Alba.
1916, july:
starts the nursing care for the wounded soldiers and sick people of the war who were kept in military hospital of Alba.
Reunification of the “two branches” with Generalate in Alba, Via Senatore Como 1.
First attempt to open the cause of beatification of Don Rubino (suspended for the war).
1948, april 29:
The Congregation obtains the decree of praise from the Holy See. The  recognition of juridical personality occurs on 21 April 1949.
First centenary of  the death of Founder.
The “Luigins” start the mission in west Pakistan, today Bangladesh.
1958, January 29:
The Congregation gets pontifical approval.
Starts the mission and service to emigrants in Swistzerland.
1959, maggio 30:
May 30; opening of the informative process on Don Rubino (28 sessions ).
1965-66, october 21:
Resumes and concludes the diocesan process and sends all the materials to Rome.
Starts the mission  in Brazil  in collaboration with the diocesan priests of Alba.
In the rectory of La Morra discovered the “Diary ” of Don Rubino.
Starts the mission in India.
In Rome starts the apostolic process of  Don Rubino.
1992, june 13:
Don Rubino is proclaimed Venerabile.